Upon completion of the die, our customers are provided with electronic design data and, if requested, a complete set of plots. The electronic archive that our customers receive contains both 3-D and 2-D data. The 3-D data is exported to whatever format is most easily transferred to your native design software. The designs are provided to the customer either by CD, email, or ftp.

Manager: Jim Wells


Our designs are developed usingSolid Edge ST and are created by means of solid modeling. Working with solid models from conception to delivery of the final tool allows us to manufacture products that have solid performance, which for our customer means return on investment.

Manager: John Zilke


Custom Tool and Die’s manufacturing department works in close collaboration with our engineering department as well as the customer. We guarantee that the customer will be fully satisfied with our work. For more information regarding manufacturing please give us a call or email.

Manager: Joseph Yenchus

Rapid Prototyping


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